Sayan Oka River

Sayan Oka River and Lake Baikal Tour

Date: July 27 to August 11, 2012
Duration: 16 days
Activity: Class III/IV Rafting and Lake Baikal Tour
Meet: Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Price: $3900

Each year we visit a new Siberia River and for 2012 we have chose the Sayan Oka River near Lake Baikal.

This beautiful river runs 188 miles through green ranges of the Sayan Mountains in a remote area near the Mongolian border. The jewel of this river is the gorgeous Orkho Bom canyon with great campsites, magnificent cliffs, and excellent Grayling fishing, as well as more than sixty rapids. The canyon’s slopes are covered with dense cedar taiga and full of different animals (sable, bear, etc). In this canyon you will truly experience a vast wilderness. This is a fantastic river trip for fly fishermen.

The trip ends with a visit to the famous Lake Baikal which is the biggest reservoir of fresh water on our planet. You will have an opportunity to visit museums, travel by boat on the lake, and hike along its shores.

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