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Rafting the Sayan Oka River and Lake Baikal Tour

This beautiful river runs 188 miles through green ranges of the Sayan Mountains in a remote area near the Mongolian border. The jewel of this river is the gorgeous Orkho Bom canyon with great campsites, magnificent cliffs, and excellent Grayling fishing, as well as more than sixty rapids. The canyon's slopes are covered with dense cedar taiga and full of different animals (sable, bear, etc). In this canyon you will truly experience a vast wilderness. This is a fantastic river trip for fly fishermen.

The trip ends with a visit to the famous Lake Baikal which is the biggest reservoir of fresh water on our planet. You will have an opportunity to visit museums, travel by boat on the lake, and hike along its shores.

Please be advised: this area maybe rainy in late July and will require adequate rain gear.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrive in Irkutsk City near spectacular Lake Baikal. Departure for a ten hour scenic bus trip to Put-in.

Days 2 to 4:

Rafting class III to IV rapids to the middle of the Orkho Bom Canyon.

Day 5:

Day of rest. You may relax, pick up some wild berries and mushrooms, catch some graylings, or just enjoy friendly conversation around a real campfire. Siberian style sauna before dinner.

Days 6 and 7:

Rafting down the remaining river to take out.

Day 8:

Take-out and Bus trip to Irkutsk where we will enjoy hotel accommodation.

Day 9:

Transfer by bus to village Listvianka. Visiting Limnological museum. Tour by private boat on Lake Baikal and camp in Sennaya Bay. The "glorious sea" of Lake Baikal is famous not only for its dimensions - over 400 miles long and more than a mile deep but also for its wildlife. Of the 1,800 species of animals and plants found here, more than 75% occur nowhere else, including the steppe eagle and the only freshwater seal in the world, the nerpa.

Days 10 and 11:

Hiking trips along Lake Baikal’s shore. Return by motor boat to Listvyanka and bus to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation.

Day 12:

Departure from Irkutsk.

Tour Includes:

Transfers in Irkutsk and travel to the river and back

English speaking guides

Meals on and off the river

Two nights accommodation in Irkutsk

Transportation to Lake Baikal and motorboat tour


Scheduled trip date: August 3-14, 2010.

We can run a Sayan Oka River trip at any time of the season with a minimum of six participants. If a specific trip date has fewer than six participants the tour price may be increased.

As an option you may add a day full of running class III rapids on the Sentsa River. This is a beautiful river that runs through ancient lava fields. Please contact us for details.

Trip Length :

12 days
188 miles

Rating :

Class III to IV

Season :

July to Aug

Average Gradient :

24 ft/mile (maximum)

Put In :

Orlik Village

Take Out :

Verkhne - Okinskiy Village

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