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River Rafting on Oregon's Rogue River

Inflatable Kayak on the Rogue RiverThe Rogue River in Oregon is a great rafting trip for families as well as experienced rafters. This is because it has fun rapids, excellent scenery, and great camps. The lore of the area abounds with stories about native americans, miners, and historic river runners. The best part of the Rogue is the abundant wildlife including brown bear, bald eagles, osprey, and river otters.

The rapids on the Rogue River are not difficult for modern rafts, so people looking for a mellow river trip with the occasional rapid will be very happy. Those looking for some excitement can take down and inflatable kayak or "duckie" and navigate the river with their own skill.

This is truly a magical canyon that is 'must do' for people who enjoy rivers. We can help you organize a trip with our friends at Northwest Rafting Company to suit your needs on the Rogue with one of the many outfitters that offers a wide variety of amenities.

Trip Itinerary (four day trip)

Day 1:

Meet your head guide, and drive to the put in for the river. This day we will run Class III rapids including the Grave Creek Rapids. The famous Rainey Falls soon follows which will often run on the right or the middle. Few people actually run the falls.

Day 2 and 3:

These days include many more rapids including the beautiful Mule Creek Canyon and the most difficult rapid of the trip, Blossom Bar. These days have the most wildlife and great camps. Most trips will stop at Rogue River Ranch to enjoy the museum and a game of horseshoes.

Day 4:

On the last day of the trip we take off the river in the afternoon and drive several hours back to Galice Resort.

Tour Includes:

Transfers to and from Galice Resort

English speaking rafting guides that speak the river guide dialect

Terrific meals on the river


Great lodge trips are available on selected dates.

Trip Length:

3, 4, and 5 days
35 miles


Class III


Year Around

Average Gradient :

15 ft/mile

Typical Flow :

2,500 cfs

Put In :

Grave Creek

Take Out :

Foster bar

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