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Class V Rafting on the Upper Tuolumne

Raft on Cherry CreekThe Upper Tuolumne, commonly known as 'Cherry Creek' is probably the most difficult commercial whitewater run in the United States and among the most difficult in the world. This is a technical challenge with big drops, long complex rapids, and huge hydraulics. The Upper Tuolumne is not a trip to be taken lightly as the consequences of a mistake can be severe.

The run is through an amazing canyon with pine trees on the bank and granite boulders in the river. Near the end of the run you will walk around Flat Rock Falls and Lumsden Falls as the guides line the boats through these awesome rapids. The trip ends at Meral's Pool which is the beginning of the Lower Tuolumne. Learn more about Cherry Creek Rafting at CaliRiver.com.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1:

You will meet your head guide at the La Casa Loma River Store and drive about half an hour to the put-in. After an extremely thorough safety talk and warm up exercises you will begin the trip. The first mile is actually on Cherry Creek. Just above the confluence with the Upper Tuolumne you will be required to pass a swim test in order to continue. Those who fail will hike out here.

Below the confluence are the class V rapids Corkscrew, Jawbone, Mushroom, Toadstool, Miracle Mile, and Lewis's Leap as well as many others. Below Lewis's Leap are two portages followed by two fun miles. A superb lunch will be served at take-out.

Tour Includes:

Fabulous lunch

Highly trained guides


State of the art self bailing rafts


Wetsuits are required on this run due to the cold water and abrasive rocks.

Trip Length :

1 day
8.6 miles

Rating :

Class V

Season :

June to Aug

Average Gradient :

105 ft/mile

Typical Flow :

1,000 cfs

Put In :

Holm Powerhouse

Take Out :

Meral's Pool

Tour Price :


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