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Custom River, Fishing, and Trekking Trips

RaftSiberia offers a wide variety of adventure trips. We can design and organize trips suitable to almost any request. Our custom whitewater rafting trips can include such rivers in the Altai Mountains as the Argut River (Class V), Lower Chulyshman River (Class V), and even the most challenging in Siberia, the famous Bashkaus river (Class V+) with its 200+ rapids.

We also offer very interesting combos in Altai: Trekking to gorgeous Shavla Lakes combined with Class 4+ to 5 rafting down Chuya River (or Chuya plus Lower Chulyshman River).

In the Sayan Mountains we can take you to the beautiful Kitoy River (Class V) or the Uda River (Class IV+ to V). We can also organize trips on the Snezhnaya (Class IV) and Khara-Murin (Class IV) rivers which flow into Lake Baikal as well as many others. Just call us.

For those of you who would like to combine rafting on a Class II river with Class V fishing we offer a variety of unique fishing trips in the Yakutia and Evenkia regions of Siberia.

Yakutia Fishing

Man holding big Fish in YakutiaThis nine day trip is in the Republic Sakha (Yakutia) of Eastern Siberia. This vast land of over three million square kilometers comprises 20% of Russia's total land area. The trip occurs north of Yakutsk in the Verkhoyansk Mountains along a tributary of the Lena River. The group will fly by helicopter or small plane.

On this tour you will have opportunity to catch some very unique fish, including the Siberian salmonid – the Taimen’.

Evenkia Fishing

The Evenkia fishing trip will take you to the Northern part of the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia. This area is among the cleanest ecologically around the world and even now it is Terra Incognito. There are thousands of crystal clear rivers running through mountains, tundra, and taiga rich with fish. You will have the opportunity to catch Siberian Taimen’, Grayling, and other rare Siberian fish. This trip is typically nine days and will involve helicopter transportation.

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